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What consumers say they'll do or want, and what they end up doing or buying, can be two different things: 

  • They'll adapt their habits for ease, convenience or simple rewards.
  • They validate their decisions with reviews and influencers. 
  • Too much choice can lead to decision paralysis. 

Get these valuable insights and more by downloading the Neuro-influence ADMA whitepaper today! 


The rise of Data Science in understanding (and persuading) Consumer Behaviour

Getting inside the minds of customers. For decades, marketers  have known this is the key to influencing purchase decisions, however the rapid adoption of new technologies has changed the game. Consumer behaviours are quickly evolving, transforming deeply held habits and beliefs. 

This whitepaper discusses the ways marketers are using neuromarketing and cognitive behaviour principles to tap into the subconscious – from attention-grabbing campaigns to memorable customer experiences.

Drawing on the insights of ADMA’s recent ‘Consumer Analytics & Insights’ Think Tanks held in Sydney and Melbourne, it also considers broader technological and ethical issues.